B de Bastor Confidence 2019

Confidence is the result of the search for a harmonious balance between the personality of a terroir, the "winemaker's" know-how and the expression of the grape varieties.

The Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, which is the majority in the blending of the wine, is distinguished by its freshness, finesse and liveliness.

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A fresh and elegant wine!

"Your ideal ally for this summer's meals!"

Damien Gaïato

Grand vin de Bordeaux

The Sauvignon Blanc grape, which is the majority in the wine blend, is distinguished by its freshness, finesse and liveliness. The Sauvignon Gris is synonymous with aromatic power while the Semillon harvested at its final maturity (just before the appearance of Botrytis) reveals all its roundness. In the winery, anxious to protect the aromas of the berries, the cellar master carries out a light pressing, followed by precise settling at a controlled temperature. The wine is matured on fine lees in 300-litre barrels, only part of which are made of new wood, to preserve freshness. Regular stirring of the lees is carried out during the 8 months preceding the skilful blending of these three Bordeaux grape varieties.

Pretty pale yellow colour.

The finely woody bouquet exhales aromas of mango and vanilla.

A fine, balanced palate revealing a liveliness typical of the Sauvignon grape variety. The frank and straightforward attack is supported by the roundness and delicacy of the Semillon.



Echelle de degustation


Comment le servir ?


Meat marinated in herbs


Fresh goats cheeses


Fresh fish grilled on the barbecue


Summer Vegetable Tian


B de Bastor Confidence 2019

60% Sauvignon Blanc

23% Sauvignon Gris

5% Sémillon

Appellation :
Centilisation :
75 cl
Degré d'alcool :
12 %
Millésime :
Cépages :
20 years
Garde :
3 years
B de Bastor Confidence 2019


Has already won 2 medals at the Concours Générale Agricole de Paris and the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon.

Médaille d'or Paris 2019 Médaille d'Or au Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Wine Enthusiast 2020

Note: 90 points

Le Château

Often described as "modern Sauternes", Château Bastor-Lamontagne favours freshness and harmony. Less concentrated than some of its peers, it is a "relaxed" Sauternes as an aperitif and at the beginning of a meal, which retains all its capacity for ageing thanks to its beautiful freshness.